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  A Deadly Hand

Summer smothers the city, wrapping it in a shroud of heat, as abject clouds skud across the distant moon. It is late. The empty street echoes hollowly with a young couple's footsteps and intermittent giggles.

Pausing in a doorway they kiss. Pushing his advantage, the young man becomes more amorous. "No! Cut it out Paul. I said no." Disgruntled murmurs. Distancing themselves, they continue down the street. A short way behind, they are followed by a slight figure in blue, her blonde hair pulled severely back.

As the couple stop outside the girl's home, they are passed by the woman. She drops her gaze as she passes. Paul glances at her.

"It isn't safe for a woman to be on the streets alone at this hour."

Goodnights said, Paul continues on his way.

He cuts across the park, noticing the lone woman just ahead of him. He walks faster. He is gaining on her now. Seeing her safe across the park is the least I can do.

Their footsteps drum on the path and sweat beads Paul's upper lip. At last he catches up to her. "Excuse me..."

She swings. A sudden glint of silver and Paul feels a strange heat in his chest. Eyes wide in amazement he looks at the small hand clenched about the handle of the scalpel. Blood begins to ooze from the wound. Calm blue eyes hold him speechless as his life ebbs and he slips to the ground.




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